The MonoMad
The photograph shows MonoMad assembled and outfitted with a variety of optional attachments for 8x10 and 4x5 cameras along with articulated arms and booms for lights. Arrayed on the floor around MonoMad are the five 3-foot sections and the two nylon bags they nest in.

Transportable and In-Studio Monostand

MonoMad, the new nomadic modular monostand. Designed for location as well as studio photographers, it provides the convenience and efficiency of a studio monostand in a transportable modular package that assembles in minutes. This rugged steel stand breaks down into five 3-foot sections which fit snugly into two padded nylon bags and can easily be carried in the trunk of a car. Because it can be configured at virtually any height (additional sections may be added with ease) MonoMad is the perfect solution when space is a concern (great for small studios).

The MonoMad provides reliable shooting support for cameras up to 8x10 format at virtually any height configuration. By using the patented Glide Mount and Pivot Block designs, photographers can effortlessly attach, detach or change the elevation of cameras, lights and accessories including camera mounts, booms and articulated arms.

Unique to the MonoMad is the Variable Geometry Base which allows changing the configuration of the base from the standard T to an L design. This capability provides a host of creative shooting options. For example, it enables photographers to shoot directly down without getting the base in the shot. It also lets users counterbalance the weight of the camera (or lights) without the use of sandbags.

Combining portability, unmatched versatility, ease of use and outstanding craftsmanship the MonoMad represents a truly great value both in the studio and out.

Specification: Made entirely in the USA the MonoMad weighs 72 pounds and can be shipped via UPS.


Please view the gallery of MonoMad photos taken on location, in actual use.



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