The Studio System Shooting Table
The Shooting Table is an integrated assortment of precision-machined components-- Glide Mounts, Pivot Blocks, Pivot Clamps, and Notched Tubing-- for the quick and effortless construction of sets, booms, articulated arms, backgrounds, and other grip equipment.

We have assembled these components into several different problem-solving packages. Of course, you may purchase components separately to create your own specialized equipment.

The Studio System Shooting Table
The World's Best Shooting Table

The Studio System Shooting Table is motorized for convenient control of 4x8 sheets of translucent acrylic or other materials to form a versatile shooting table, diffusion screens, and special backgrounds. Easily adjustable arms may be added at any angle to support lights, reflectors, umbrellas, the subject, or even the camera itself.

In short, the Studio System Shooting Table provides you with the resources professional photographers need to create the spectacular effects today's competitive world has come to demand. With the system in your studio, you can set up for everything from the simplest to the most complicated photographs in less time than you ever thought possible.

A Whole New Concept

At the heart of the system are the ingenious Glide Mounts, Pivot Blocks, and Pivot Clamps. The precisely adjustable Glide Mounts slide smoothly along the Tubing, enabling you to attach sturdy, dependable arms wherever you need them. The Pivot Blocks and Pivot Clamps provide strong, movable pivot points for arms that will reach anywhere.

The system will also accept other clamping systems, so you can incorporate your existing equipment. It will hold an unlimited number of arms, booms, and attachments.

An Adventure In Lighting

Nothing is more important to photography than lighting. The Studio System Shooting Table was designed to give you complete control of lights and lighting accessories, while eliminating clutter. (No forest of light stands!)

It's Motorized

The Foot Switch enables you to change the elevation, curve, or angle of a background in just seconds, without leaving camera position. The savings in time provided by this feature will surprise you!

It Folds For Easy Storage

There's never enough space in a photographer's studio. That's why the Studio System Shooting Table was designed to fold up for storage with all of its components in place.


Please view the gallery of Shooting Table photos taken on location and in the studio, in actual use.



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